20 Best Betta Fish Toys to Keep Your Bettas Happy & Healthy (2024)

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Betta fish toys are very effective in keeping your bettas happy, active, and healthy. These fish are curious, intelligent, and agile-minded creatures. Adding betta fish toys to the fish tank can keep the fish stimulated. Toys also help de-stress the betta fish.

In the wild, betta fish do not live in groups. They live in a region establishing their dominance. In their territory, they swim, hunt, and frolic at will.

They must be entertained to stay happy and stress-free while in the tank. Having the right Betta fish toys in your fish tank is a great way to entertain your Betta. It is helpful for a happy and long life.

In this article, we will discuss different types of betta fish toys and equipment to keep your betta fish happy and healthy. Let’s get started.

Importance of Betta Fish Toys

Betta fish can be lethargic and unhappy in aquarium captivity. Betta fish toys help to break their laziness and keep them active. Betta fish also get exercise by playing with the toys. Let’s find out why these toys are so important to your betta fish’s well-being.

Encourages exercise and keeps fish healthy

Regular exercise is very useful for a Betta fish’s health. Betta fish toys such as floating hoops or ping pong balls encourage them to swim and explore their surroundings. This physical activity promotes muscle development and overall well-being.

Prevents Boredom

Like humans, Betta fish can get bored when there’s nothing to do in their environment. Boredom can lead to stress and, in extreme cases, even health issues. Betta fish toys provide mental stimulation and entertainment, keeping them engaged and active.

Toys for Betta Fish and Decoration Items

1. Live Plants

In the wild, betta fish like to hide. They need sleep and rest. They are also inquisitive. You can meet these needs by adding live plants to your betta fish tank. Through this, they can enjoy the fun of the wild environment.

However, you need to be careful and responsible about the care and maintenance of the betta fish as well as the live plants.

Live plants are also a Betta Fish Toys

    2. Silk Plants

    If you want to avoid the hassle of maintaining live plants in your betta fish tank, you can opt for silk or synthetic plants as an alternative. These make the tank more attractive.

    There is no risk of them dying, rotting, or carrying diseases. They are relatively cheap. They are very soft and smooth. In this case, the risk of the delicate fins of the betta fish getting caught and torn is very low.

    Betta Fish Tank Decoration Ideas & Toys

    Do Betta Fish Need A Bubbler?

    3. Hammock

    It is well known that betta fish love to sleep and relax. And fun is fun if their sleeping place is safe.
    The betta hammock provides your betta fish with a safe place to rest and sleep.

    Betta hammocks are a flat surface that attaches to your aquarium glass with a suction cup. There are different types of Betta hammocks, with the most common style being a leaf. Your betta will think of it as a bed.

    If you want to create a fun, comfortable, and safe resting place for your pet, there is nothing better than a hammock.

    Betta Fish Hammock is a Safe Betta Fish Toys

    4. Betta fish toys: Floating Log

    Floating Betta logs provide your fish with a great, natural-looking place to eat, sleep, or just hang out. This provides your betta fish with a sense of security. Also evokes a sense of their natural surroundings.

    There is a hole in the top of the log for easy feeding or for the fish to reach the surface for air. It will float on the surface of the water and not sink.

    When buying logs, make sure they are smooth and free of rough edges. Because snagging on rough-edged objects can damage your betta fish’s fins and tail.


     5. A sinking log is a good betta fish toy

    A sinking ceramic log is a safe place for your Betta fish to rest, sleep, and hide. A sense of security helps reduce stress for your fish.
    Sinking logs are a great hiding place for your fish. It consists of an entrance and exit. Your fish will love and enjoy it.
    It will blend in with the decor of your tank to create a beautiful and attractive look

     6. Moss Ball

    Moss balls will keep your betta fish entertained for hours. Because he will have fun investigating their soft, safe surface.
    In addition to entertaining betta fish, moss balls help keep aquarium water pollution-free by removing ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates from the tank.
    Also, their extra green color adds beauty to the aquarium.

    7. SpongeBob Ornament: Pineapple Home

    The SpongeBob Pineapple Aquarium Ornament is a beautifully handcrafted, fun aquarium ornament. It is ideal for betta fish tanks It creates a great, exciting scene in the underwater habitat. It is made from durable polyresin, safe for all aquariums.
    Pineapple is made from smooth resin and is non-toxic and safe. The entrances to this ornament provide plenty of space for your fish to explore, keeping him busy and entertained for hours.

    8. Shipwreck

    Shipwrecks for betta fish, made of resin, create a healthy environment for aquatic pets. Besides, it is a stimulating habitat for bettas and other finned friends.
    Your betta will love traveling around the attractive shipwreck tank decor. This will keep your betta fish busy searching for a long time. Your beautiful betta will enjoy it.

    9. Imagitarium Asian Gazebo With Bamboo Ornament

    This authentic Asian pavilion aquarium decoration provides a cave and hiding place for your Betta fish, and its bamboo features perfectly complement the natural plantings.

    The resin model has no rough edges, is safe for bat fins, and the colors used are non-toxic.

    If you want, you can even include a lucky bamboo in your settings to add to your theme.

    10. Laser Pointer

    Another good item to entertain your betta fish is a laser pointer. Laser pointers are commonly used to encourage dogs and cats to play. But betta fish will also love to play with this bright light. Also, this light will awaken the inquisitive mind of your betta fish.
    However, some precautions must be taken while using this light. Care should be taken that the betta’s eyes are not exposed to direct light. Fish do not have eyelids, so bright light can damage their eyes.

    Betta Fish Chasing Laser Pointer

     11. Ping Pong Ball

    A ping pong ball is an excellent betta fish toy to keep your fish stimulated. Ping-pong balls stimulate bettas, as they are curious fish who love to explore things. As the ping pong ball floats on top of the water, you will see your betta fish chasing it and having a great time.

    Before adding the ping pong ball to your betta tank, wash it thoroughly in warm water and then place it in the fish tank.

     12. Fish Training Kit

    Betta fish are very intelligent, responsive, and interactive fish. They can learn simple tricks. One of the easiest tricks is to teach your betta to jump out of the water. You can teach your betta simple tricks with a fish training worm. It will help them beat boredom and stay stress-free.

     13. Coconut Shell Cave

    In nature, betta fish use rock caves to protect themselves from predators, rest during the day, and build bubble nests during breeding.
    Half a coconut shell makes a good shelter for your betta fish in the tank. If you want to use it in an aquarium, you need to remove all the tannin from the shell. It also helps keep the water clean. It also disinfects and prevents the growth of any harmful bacteria

    14. Terracotta Pots

    Another great decoration item for your aquarium is a terra cotta pot. They enhance the beauty of your aquarium. At the same time, it is a good hiding, resting, and searching item for betta fish.
    Kiln-burning terracotta pots are completely safe for your fish. But before adding it to the fish tank, wash it thoroughly in warm water.
    Do not keep old terra cotta pots from the garden in the aquarium because they may be exposed to fertilizers, weed killers, bug sprays, and other chemicals. which is harmful to fish.

    15. Driftwood

    Another great item to entertain your betta fish with is driftwood. Driftwood is an excellent addition to any tank, including a Betta tank. Before using driftwood in your tank, clean it thoroughly. It creates a natural living environment for fish.
    Driftwood can provide you with a unique aesthetic and inspiration for decorating your aquarium.
    Some driftwoods can affect water quality because they release tannins and discolor the water. This means that not all wood can be used in your aquarium.

    16. Shells

    Your betta fish feels safe hiding inside the shell. It keeps the betta fish stress-free. However, do not use natural shells found on the beach in betta fish tanks.
    Natural shells look great in your tank. But they can leach calcium and other minerals, which eventually change the pH level. Bettas are sensitive to water parameters in their tank, and changes in water quality can be harmful to your fish.

    17. Mirror

    A great betta fish toy is the betta exercise mirror. Betta fish need lots of stimulation and interest to keep them happy and healthy. Bettas often suffer from boredom in captivity. Boredom leads to stress. Stress is harmful to betta fish.
    Using a betta exercise mirror will give your pet some exercise, avoid boredom, and enable your fish to show its natural instinctive behavior.

    18. Hoops

    Betta hoops are another funny Betta fish toy to keep in your fish tank. The hoop is a great way to get some exercise and entertainment for your fish. Betas will love swimming through the hoops. It will keep them active and healthy.

     19. Live Fish Food

    Live fish food is another excellent entertainment tool for your betta fish. Betta fish will enjoy hunting live food by moving around the tank.
    some of the best foods for betta fish include brine shrimp, daphnia, worms, mosquito larvae, fruit flies, etc. Make sure not to overfeed your betta, as overfeeding is harmful to the fish.

    20. Air Bubbler

    An air bubbler is one such decoration that provides oxygen to the water as well as entertains the betta fish. Betta fish love to play with the bubbles created by the air bubbler. However, due to the air pump and air bubbler, it is important to take care not to create too much current in the tank. Betta fish have difficulty swimming in high currents.


    Betta fish toys are not just accessories for your aquarium; They are essential for your betta’s mental and physical well-being. By understanding their behavior and providing them with a variety of toys, you can ensure that your betta fish lives a happy and fulfilling life.
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    Questions: Do Betta fish like toys?

    Ans: Yes, betta fish like to have toys in their tank. These keep them happy and active. At the same time, they exercise, which is one of their health conditions.

    Questions: How To Cure Betta’s Boredom

    Ans: The best way to relieve boredom in betta fish is to entertain them. There are many things you can do to alleviate betta fish boredom. Such as adding live plants, using hoops, upgrading to a larger fish tank, using ping pong balls, changing the scenery and diet, and even adding friendly fish companions.

    Questions: Does Betta play with toys?

    Ans: Yes, they love to explore, play with toys, and swim.

    Questions: How to make betta fish happy?

    Ans: Try to keep the tank water temperature at 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. Use a large tank for them with plenty of room to swim. Place the correct items to hide. Feed them nutritious food.

    Questions: How to entertain betta fish?

    Ans: With patience and a little persistence, you can teach him to follow your fingers, eat from your hand, swim in a ring, play soccer, and even jump in the water. These will make him happy

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