Why do Betta Fish Disappear from the Tank? How to prevent

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Can a betta fish disappear? No, a betta fish can never disappear. What could happen is that they are hiding in something inside the tank, or they jumped out of the tank.

Why did my betta fish disappear? Does this thought make you restless? This happened to one of my colleagues. He has a lot of aquarium fish. One day, he returned home to find a betta fish had disappeared.

This upset him. He started looking around. After some searching, he found his betta fish lying some distance away from the tank. But it is no longer alive.

If this has happened to you, then it is very unfortunate. But there are many other reasons why betta fish disappear from tanks. It is important to know those factors to keep your betta fish safe and secure. At the same time, it is important to know what measures to take to keep your beloved pet safe.

Why do betta fish disappear from the tank? What is the best way to prevent it? We have discussed that in detail in this article. If you are interested, then read this article till the end.

Reasons why betta fish disappear from tanks

There are several reasons why the betta fish disappeared from the tank.

Betta fish jumped out of the tank

Betta fish are good jumpers. Without a tank lid, your betta fish can easily jump out.

Why do betta fish jump?

Reasons why betta fish jump out of the tank are:

Jump to catch prey. Betta fish like to hunt. When they see something floating in the tank water, they think it’s food and try to hunt it. Sometimes they jump loudly to catch prey. They fall out of the tank if the lid is not attached to the tank.

Poor water quality: Poor water quality can stress betta fish. In this condition, they can jump out of the water.

Lack of oxygen in tank water: Another reason why betta fish jump out of the tank is due to low oxygen levels in the water.

Betta Fish is scared. With loud noises, betta fish can be frightened. They also get scared due to shaking. Then, they may try to jump off the tank.

Betta fish are hidden

Betta fish like to hide. If you have plants or decorations in your tank, they can hide in them. Then it may seem that the betta fish has disappeared.

Caught in the filter

In some cases, betta fish can get stuck in the filter. If the filter is strong, it can lead to the death of betta fish. Then you may think that the betta fish has disappeared.

Your pet has taken him

It could be that your pet cat or dog has taken and eaten him. So you can’t find him.

Betta fish died

Maybe your betta fish is dead and stuck behind a tank decoration item or filter. And you think he has disappeared?

The tank mates ate the betta fish

Tankmates with fish often make betta fish disappear.

Tank mates such as bristle-nose plecos or snails eat betta fish. However, they cannot eat betta while alive. They will only eat dead fish.

If the tankmate eats your betta fish, it will be very annoying.

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Betta fish is missing; where can you find it?

Check if the tank lid is open

Has your betta fish disappeared? So first, check if the tank lid is closed properly. Betta fish can jump very well. If the lid of the tank is open or broken, he can jump through it and get out.

If he gets out of the tank, he will die within a short time. Although they have a special organ with which they can take oxygen directly from the air, they still cannot survive for long outside of water.

Check out the hiding spots:

Your betta fish may be hiding inside the plants or decorations in the tank. So check those places well to find lost betta fish. Because hiding is the instinct of betta fish.

Check the tank filter.

Check the filter in the tank for invisible betta fish. Many times, the betta fish get stuck in the filter. Check the filter thoroughly. For this, first, disconnect the power to the filter. Then check her intake and discharge areas thoroughly.

Find the body.

Did you find hiding places, filters, and lids everywhere? You still did not find your Betta fish. Then he might be dead. When fish die, their bodies float to the surface of the water.

Check if the betta fish is injured

If the betta fish is hurt in any way, it will hide, so you won’t see it. Betta fish can be injured by bumping into tank decorations and other objects.

Check if the betta fish is sick or ill

Sick fish may also hide by stopping swimming or moving, so you may think my betta fish disappeared.

Do betta fish bury themselves in the sand and gravel?

Is it very rare that betta fish try to bury themselves in the tank substrate? But if this is the case, then it must be understood that there is some problem. The problem can be of two types. The first is the physical problem of betta fish, and the second is related to tank parameters.

One thing to remember here is that betta fish do not try to bury themselves in rocks or sand. He tries to hide himself.

Health problems of betta fish

Disease, stress, and boredom are the health problems of betta fish.

Some common diseases of Betta fish.

  1. Anchor Worms
  2. Columnaris
  3. Cloud Eye
  4. Dropsy
  5. Fin and Tail Rot
  6. Fish Fungus
  7. Fish Lice
  8. Furunculosis
  9. Gill Flukes
  10. Ich
  11. Popeye
  12. Velvet
  13. Swim Bladder Disorder
  14. Hole in the Head
  15. Betta Tumors
  16. Hemorrhagic

Causes of betta fish getting sick include:

  • Bacterial and parasitic infections
  • Eating too little or too much food
  • Poor water quality in the tank

Due to stress, betta fish try to bury themself in the substrate

Causes of stress in betta fish

  • Tanks have limited or no hiding space
  • There is not enough space in the tank to swim
  • Betta fish is scared
  • Betta is feeling lonely
  • Too much light in the tank
  • Impure water in the tank
  • The tank size is too small

The water parameter is poor in the tank

The main reason for poor tank water condition is not cleaning the tank regularly. Always keep the tank clean and maintain other water parameters.

Ideal Water Parameters for Betta Fish

  • Temperature: 75°-81°F (23.8°-27.2°C)
  • Ammonia and Nitrite: 0 ppm.
  • Nitrate: <20 ppm.
  • GH: 3-4 dGH (50-66.7 ppm)
  • KH: 3-5 dKH (53.6- 89.4 ppm)
  • pH: 6.5-7.5.

How do you know if your betta fish is dying?

Some signs will tell you that your betta fish is sick and may die.

  • Appetite loss
  • Weakness
  • Problems breathing
  • Lethargy
  • Physical appearance and color fading
  • Depression and stress
  • Gulping air at the surface
  • Changes in behavior
  • Eye swelling
  • Hiding and living alone
  • Dropsy
  • Fish Tuberculosis
5 Reasons Why Betta Fish Die

Why is my betta hiding and not swimming?

A betta fish is not swimming, and hiding means it is sick or stressed.

Reasons for Hiding and Not SwimmingWhat is the solution?
There is no hiding place in the tankAdd plants, caves, and driftwood for more hiding options
The filter current is too strongAllow time to acclimate, minimize disturbances, and keep the tank calm
Lights Too BrightTurn off lights, add adjustable lighting, and introduce floating plants
Water Quality is not GoodTest water parameters; adjust with water changes or detoxifiers
New Tank ArrivalObserve for damage, add stress coat, and treat with appropriate remedies
Injury or SicknessAllow time to acclimate, minimize disturbances, and keep the tank calm
Betta is in a DepressionIntroduce tank decorations and toys, consider tank mates and larger tank size
Inherent TemperamentAccept individual differences and observe behavior without worry
Betta fish not swimming or moving

The reasons for betta fish not swimming are:

  • They are resting or sleeping
  • The water temperature is too low
  • It’s sick
  • There is a problem with food
  • A problem with pH
  • The light is too dim
  • Ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate poisoning
  • Stress
  • Offensive tank mate
  • An overflowing tank
  • it’s dead
  • The betta fish is lazy
  • The tank is not big enough
  • A gravid woman
  • Not enough oxygen
  • The filter current is too strong

How fast do betta fish decompose?

Usually, the bodies of small fish like bettas decompose quickly. Decomposition is more rapid if the temperature is warm. Bacterial activity increases in warm water. The result is rapid decomposition. Betta fish decompose within a week in hot temperatures.

On the other hand, in colder temperatures, fish carcasses take longer to decompose, about 2/3 weeks.

Remove dead betta fish from their tank immediately. Because the decomposition of the fish body increases the level of ammonia in the water. It harms other fish. A tank needs regular draining and cleaning to maintain a healthy environment.

Betta fish disappear. What measures can be taken to prevent it?

Use secure and safe tank lids

Use a lid on the tank to keep your betta fish safe. Make sure there are no gaps or cracks in the tank lid. Because betta fish can jump out through that gap.

You may know that betta fish are very good jumpers. Betta fish are certain to die once out of the water unless quickly returned to their tank.

The tank lid also needs to be strong and secure. That will keep your fish safe from your pet cat or dog.

Do not overcrowd

Betta fish do not like to live in groups. So keep a betta in a tank. The presence of tankmates or overcrowding in the aquarium can stress them out. Which can cause fish disease and even death.

Keep your betta fish in a tank where it has enough space to swim and explore its environment.

Keep hiding places for betta

Just like humans and other animals, Betta fish need sleep and rest. They also like to hide. Place some plants and decorations in your betta fish tank where he can hide and rest.

It will keep him happy and healthy. It will also keep you free from disease and stress. This way, you can prevent the premature death of your betta fish. He will not disappear. You will have it for a long time.

Check the filter regularly.

Betta fish sometimes get stuck in the filter. So if you don’t see your pet, look through the filters.
Betta fish will not need a filter if you maintain the tank regularly.

If using a filter, use a filter that has a low current. Strong currents make it difficult to swim for betta fish. They are also more likely to get trapped between strong filters.

Maintain proper water conditions.

Appropriate water conditions keep betta fish healthy and safe. It also helps prevent stress and death. For this reason, always maintain the correct parameters for tank water. This will keep your fish happy and enjoyable for you.

Q: How high can betta fish jump?

Ans: Generally, Betta fish jump up to 1-2 inches

Q: How long does it take for a betta fish to decompose?

Ans: In warm temperatures, it will decompose the fish body within a week, while in cold temperatures, it will take two to three weeks to decompose the body.

Q: Why is my betta fish shrinking?

Ans: Betta fish can shrink for several reasons. A common cause is fin rot. This is also caused by a type of bacterial infection. Another reason is impure water. It can also happen due to a lack of balanced and nutritious food.

Why is my betta fish not responding?

Ans: Maybe your betta fish is sick. So he is not responding.

Ans: Why is my betta fish not eating?

Ans: Betta fish stop feeding due to poor water quality, poor quality feed, · overfeeding, inappropriate temperature, illness, and disease.


Hopefully, you have learned a lot about why Betta fish disappear. Keep them in a healthy environment. They will be happy and healthy.

Use a lid on the tank to prevent betta fish from jumping out.

Do your research before adding betta fish tankmates. Take the necessary measures to protect your pet from cats or dogs.

Take care to keep the fish free from stress and disease.
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