Best Betta fish tank decoration Ideas & toys for betta fish (2023)

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Betta fish tank decoration is the most important thing for betta fish cares. Betta fish is a freshwater fish. They like to live in shallow, warm water with plenty of plants and hiding places. If you want to decorate your betta fish tank, then decorate it according to its natural habit.

In this post, I will discuss some best things for betta fish tank decoration. If you love betta fish and want to make a beautiful betta fish tank decoration for your pet then read this post till the end. You should never put things in your tank that could be harmful to your betta fish.

Bettas are active, intelligent, and curious fish. Your betta fish will be happy if you add some decorations to their tank.

Betta fish is also called Siamese Fighting Fish.  They do not tolerate other fish in their tank. They prefer to be alone. Because of this many times, they become bored. Adding decorations to your betta’s tank can keep your fish friendly happy and healthy.

What should avoid in betta fish tank decoration

Avoid glass-made sharp decorative items

Before starting the decoration, you should know what to put in the tank and what not to put. First of all, don’t put things in the tank that can be harmful to the fish. Avoid sharp glass-made decorative items in your tank. If they accidentally bump into the sharp glass, it will cause irreparable damage.

Avoid plastic-made toys

Plastic toys are very popular for both humans and fish. But you know very well that plastic is not safe for both humans and fish. Also if you prefer plastic toys then before buying consult with the fish shop owner about their harmful side.

Avoid decorative ornaments made of metal

Rust can sometimes be generated from things made of metal. It can badly affect the water in your aquarium. Do not place anything that could rub or snag the fish and tear or damage the fins. Some metal items are uneven. Betta fish can tear their fins by rubbing on them. That is why uneven metal-made decorative items should be avoided for beta fish tank decoration.

Avoid those things that are harmful to beta fish tank decoration

Avoid homemade Ceramics items for betta fish tank decoration

Ceramics around the house such as old cups, plates, and many other items may contain chemicals that can leach into the water and harm fish. Although they are very beautiful and attractive, you should avoid them for the health of your fish.

Avoid artificial colorful items

Some decorative items are painted in. This color does not last long in the water. It mixes with water after a few days. Artificial colors are made from chemicals that can mix in water and cause poisoning. This can cause your fish to become sick or even die. So try to avoid artificially painted colorful items for your betta fish tank decoration.

 Do not put natural shells in your Betta aquarium. The shells are made of calcium which will dissolve in the aquarium water and raise the pH level.

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What should avoid in a fish tank WHY?
Plastic-made toysPlastic is not safe for both humans and fish.
Decorative items made of metalTo avoid rust, Fins may be torn or damaged
Homemade CeramicsMay contain chemicals that are harmful to fish
Artificial colorful itemsChemicals that can mix in water and cause poisoning
Natural shells Shells are made of calcium which will dissolve in the aquarium water and raise the pH level
Avoid those items or things which may be harmful to Betta fish.


Best Toys & Decorations item for Betta Fish tank decoration

Bettas are pretty intelligent fish. They like lounging on leaves. They love hiding Spots. For that reason, If you keep some decorative items and toys in the tank keeping in mind their natural location it helps them stay mentally stimulated, happy, and active.

Now I will discuss what kind of decoration items and toys should be kept in the betta fish tank to prevent them from becoming bored and will make them feel happy and healthy.

Plants for betta fish tank decoration

Aquarium plants are mainly of two types, live and artificial. Live plants are very useful for aquariums. They do everything from absorbing toxic nitrates to giving your animals a natural, beautiful environment to live in.

Live Aquarium Plant  Marimo Moss Balls,

Marimo Moss Maintains aquarium cleanliness

One of the most famous and beautiful items for tank decoration is the Marimo moss ball. Marimos is called moss but is actually a form of slow-growing algae. Live Marimo Plant Balls are an inexpensive, effective way to stimulate your fish and improve its health. Marimos helps filter your tank water by trapping solid waste. You can drain them in a bucket of dechlorinated water a few times a month and wash away the fish feces and food stuck inside the balls.

Benefits of Marimo moss ball
1. It provides Some Oxygen to water
2. Provide a valuable surface area on which Beneficial Bacteria can grow.
3. Do not Pollute The Water of the aquarium by Produce Dead Matter
4. It Easily Adapts to High pH. It can tolerate a pH range of between 6.0 and 8.4 and remain healthy.
5. Tolerates Aquarium Salt Well.
6. Helps to Prevent Excess Algae Growth
7. Easy To Clean. Requires Almost Zero Maintenance
8. With proper care, Marimo can last for over 100 years
9. It grows very slowly, only 5-6 mm/year
10. Marimos helps filter your tank water by trapping solid waste

Betta hammocks are an effective item for betta fish tank decoration

Betta fish like to take a rest on leaves. Betta hammocks are basically flat surfaces like a leaf. It sits underwater and is attached to your aquarium glass with a suction cup. There are many different types of Betta hammocks available in the market.

Like other animals and pets, bettas need rest and sleep. A betta hammock is a safe spot to rest and relax for your bettas. The hammock is made of soft waterproof material, so your fish can move freely in it. There is no fear of injury. The colors available for the Betta Hammock are dark blue, green, purple, pink, and red. The colors are vibrant and will give your tank an exciting look.

Floating Betta Log

Floating Log is the perfect place for your bettas sleeping, hiding eating & playing

Betta logs is a natural-looking place where fish can eat, sleep or just hang out. It will not let the fish get bored. They will be happy to receive it. Floating Betta Log requires a larger tank. It is best if it is at least 2 gallons. Normally this product is not made from real wood. It has a ceramic exterior and is made of heavy plastic. The log is specially designed to be smooth and free of rough edges. It has no fear of tearing to catch fish fins and tails. This makes for a safe and attractive accessory that your betta will love.

Sinking ceramic logs

Sinking ceramic logs are great sleeping or hiding places for betta fish. It helps reduce stress on your fish. This sinking log toy is designed to look like a sunken tree trunk. The log is a great den and hiding place for your fish. It has entry and exit holes. Your fish will be very happy with it.

Ping Pong Ball

Ping-pong balls are an ideal toy for your fish. Clean them in warm water and then release them into the tank. Bettas are naturally attracted to anything on the surface of the water because that’s where they look for food. So, anything present there can pique your fish’s interest. They are safe, cheap, and stimulating, and best of all, both you and your pet will enjoy it.

Driftwood or Aquarium Wood

Driftwood is the perfect choice for your fish to grow and develop. It can give the aquarium a unique and natural look. It stimulates and maintains the ecosystem within the aquarium. Driftwood promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria are very beneficial for fish. Adding driftwood to the aquarium can help to promote the natural behavior of your fish. Driftwood helps boost your fish’s immune systems.

But all driftwood is not suitable for aquariums. Some driftwood can increase acidity and toxins in the aquarium. So before purchasing consult with an expert at the aquatics store.

It’s really not a good idea to use driftwood that you find outdoors because the wood can rot or contain harmful chemicals.

The best place to buy driftwood is from a reliable online retailer or an aquarium store.

Floating Exercise Mirror for Betta

There are some advantages to using a mirror with your betta fish. Bettas are naturally fighting fish. If you show your fish his reflection in the mirror, he will think that a rival has entered his territory. He will challenge his own reflexes. This behavior of betta fish is entertaining and impressive to watch.

Floating beta mirrors are very easy to use. It does not require any assembly. Just drop it in your aquarium and the attached ball will keep the mirror floating close to the surface.

Mirrors are great for beta exercise. But its excessive use can be harmful to your fish. So it should never be used for too long as it can make the fish tired or even go crazy. You can choose to show your pet its reflection for five minutes twice a week.

Bettas are playing with the mirror

Aquarium caves for betta fish tank decoration

Fish take refuge in caves to escape from hunting, rest during the day, and build bubble nests during breeding. It makes your aquarium more beautiful and attractive. There are many types of caves available in the market. Coconut Shell Cave, Rock Cave, Ceramic Cave Wood-made cave, etc.

Rocks and stones

Rocks and stones are popular decorative materials for freshwater tanks. Even a single beautiful stone or piece of glass can make a betta aquarium attractive.

You’ll find different types of rock and stone materials available at fish shops, online, and even in nature. But all rocks are not safe for every aquarium. Some rocks can release calcium into the water. Some rocks may release carbonates, which can increase the pH of water. Which may be harmful to your fish. For this reason, consult an expert on what type of rock to put in the aquarium.

Artificial Decorations

Also, you can use some unique artificial decorations. Pineapple houses, castles, skulls, caves, and shipwrecks are all available in the market. This will make your tank more attractive.

When you’re using artificial decor, make sure your betta has plenty of room to swim freely. Not only will it entertain him, but it will also give him a place he can hide.

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Final words

Finding betta fish tank decorations items and toys for your betta fish is not a difficult task. Keep a few things in mind.

Avoid using any toys and items with sharp or rough edges.

Keep away from those items which can add toxicity to water. That can degrade water quality.

Thoroughly wash and disinfect any item before placing it in the tank so that it does not transfer any bacteria or disease to your fish tank.

Do not fill your tank with lots of decorative pieces. This will interfere with your better swimming area.

Try not to add any heavy products to your tank, as they can cause the tank to crash and break.

FAQ:- Do betta fish need decorations?

Ans:– Bettas are active, intelligent, and curious fish. Your betta fish will be happy if you add some decorations to their tank.

FAQ:- What types of decor items should be avoided when decorating a betta fish tank?

A. Avoid glass-made sharp decorative items.
B. Avoid plastic-made toys.
C. Avoid decorative ornaments made of metal.
D. Avoid homemade Ceramics items.
E. Avoid artificial colorful items.

FAQ:- Does betta fish like to live alone?

Ans:– Betas are also known as fighter fish. They do not like to be with other fish.

FAQ:- What are the 10 best Toys & Decoration items for the Betta Fish tank

1. Moss Balls
2. Betta hammocks 
3. Floating Betta Log
4. Sinking logs
5. Ping Pong Ball
6. Driftwood or Aquarium Wood
7. Floating Exercise Mirror for Betta
8. Aquarium caves
9. Rocks and stones
10. Artificial Decorations such as Pineapple houses, castles, skulls

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