Can You Put 2 Female Betta Fish Together: Details Facts & FAQ

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Can 2 female betta fish live together in a tank? Betta fish are also known as fighter fish. They like to be alone. If two betta fish are kept in the same place, they start fighting. Especially male bettas. This fight will continue until one dies or is moved to another location.

Can you Put 2 Female Betta Fish Together? Under certain conditions, you can Put 2 Female Betta Fish together in the same tank. However, it is essential to note that not all female betas get along, and aggression can still occur. The right size of the tank, the quality of the water, and a sufficient amount of material are all keys to success.

For this reason, most people keep only one betta fish in one tank, so they don’t have to worry about fighting or social diseases. But the question is, can two female betta fish live together in the same tank? The answer is yes, two females can live together in the same fish tank. But in this case, you have to follow some rules and procedures.

Can You Put 2 Female Betta Fish Together in the same tank? In this article, we will discuss that. If you are interested in knowing more about this, then read this post till the end.

How do you determine if your betta fish is male or female?

There are a few signs to tell if a betta fish is male or female.

  • The tails and fins of female betta fish are much shorter and less shiny than those of males.
  • Female betta fish are less brightly colored than males.
  • Female bettas are shorter and wider-bodied than males.
  • A small white dot can be seen between the ventral and anal fins of female betta fish. It is called ‘ovipositor‘. The ovipositor is a part of the reproductive organs of the female fish and is used to deposit her eggs during spawning.
  • An adult female betta fish is fatter and shorter than a male.

Do Female Betta Fish Fight?

Yes, female Betta fish fight with each other. But they are not as aggressive as males. However, this does not mean that you cannot have more than one Betta in one tank.

If you want to keep multiple female bettas in the same tank, they must have enough space or they will fight.

Also, make sure there are plenty of hidden spaces, as this will help prevent fights. You can add live plants, driftwood, or rocks to create this shelter.

Betta fish are amazing creatures with different personalities. Some peers are more aggressive, others are just cool. So whether they fight or not depends on the personalities of the two women involved.

Can You Put 2 Female Betta Fish Together

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How big a tank is needed to keep two betta fish together?

The first factor to consider is tank size. An aquarium that is too small can increase the stress level of your fish and increase their aggression. Generally, you need at least 5 gallons of water per fish. This ensures that each fish has enough space to establish its territory and reduces the possibility of conflict.

Another important point is the arrangement of the tank. Female betas need lots of hiding places like plants and ornaments to create their own space and reduce their stress levels. If the fish do not have enough hiding places, they can become more aggressive toward each other.

Keeping two female betta fish together requires at least a 10-gallon tank.

How many female betta fish can live together?

In total, this number is enough to keep 4-6 female betta fish together. They enjoy having their own space. This means you need enough space to hide when you want to be alone. Aquarium plants and decorations often act as hiding places for bettas.

What should I do if female betta fish start fighting?

How Do You Stop Your Female Betta Fish Fighting? Female betas are generally less aggressive than males but can fight each other under certain circumstances. If you have several female bettas in a tank and you’re seeing signs of aggression, here are some tips on how to stop the fighting and maintain a peaceful tank.

Increase the size of the aquarium
One of the most common reasons for fights between beta females is a lack of space. Female betas are territorial by nature and can become aggressive towards each other if confined to a small tank. To avoid fighting, we recommend giving your female betta at least 10 gallons of water. This gives them plenty of room to swim and establish their territory without feeling threatened by other fish.

Identify the reasons for the aggression
The first step to stopping beta female fights is to identify the cause of their aggression. As mentioned earlier, overcrowding and poor water quality can be factors. Make sure your tank is big enough to hide all the fish and has plenty of places for them to escape. Also, test the water regularly and change the water regularly to maintain good water quality.

Rearrange the tank
If your female beta is still struggling despite having plenty of space and hiding places, try rearranging your aquarium decor or adding new items. This can destroy established territory, force the establishment of new territory, and reduce aggression.

Provide enough hidden spots.
It is also important to create a hiding place in the tank. Beta females prefer places where they can take refuge if they feel threatened or stressed. Hideouts can be created using live or artificial plants, caves, and other decorations to block the view between fish. This helps prevent aggression by giving each fish its own space.

How to stop Female Betta Fighting

What to Do When Introducing Two or More Bettas Together

If you are considering adding multiple female betas to a tank, it is important to introduce them correctly to minimize aggression and ensure a smooth transition. Here are some tips for keeping female bettas together.

Quarantine the new fish for one week
When adding a new material beta to an existing tank, it is important to remove the beta first. This helps prevent the spread of disease and parasites among existing fish. Quarantine in separate tanks for at least one week before introducing new fish into the main tank.

Gradually place the female betas together
If you are introducing female betas together, do so gradually over several days. First, each betta is placed in its own container or bag and filled with water from the main tank. Float these containers in the main tank for approximately 20 minutes to acclimate them to the water temperature and pH.

Observe their behavior closely
Once you have introduced a female beta into the same tank, watch her behavior carefully for signs of aggression. Chasing is natural because they set priorities. However, if one betta is particularly aggressive toward another betta, you may need to intervene.

Provide them with enough space to hide
If, despite your gradual introduction and observation, you find that your female betas are still struggling, add hiding places or rearrange decorations as needed. please This gives each fish its own territory and reduces competition for resources.

Keep a separate tank ready
It is best to prepare a second tank for each new fish you plan to introduce to your female betta tank. If the argument turns into a fight, the new fish should be removed from the beta tank and moved to a second tank. Be sure to transfer some water from the main tank to the temporary tank and fill both tanks with fresh water. Put the new fish in the tank for about a day to get used to the water and environment. That way, you won’t be shocked when introducing the fish to their permanent habitat or when you have to put them back in the holding tank due to fighting.

How to identify Male Or Female Betta Fish


If you want to keep two or more female beta fish in your tank, it is not too much of a problem to do so. Choose the right size tank for this. Make sure the tank has enough space to hide. Always keep the tank clean. If the tank water becomes contaminated, it can stress the fish. Stress can cause betta fish to become aggressive and fight.

If you take proper care of your betta fish, they will be healthy and happy. If you have any opinion about this, do not hesitate to comment in the comment box.


Question: Can male and female betta fish live together?

Ans: Two male betta fish will not stay together at all. They will start fighting. However, male and female betta fish can live together in the same aquarium only for a short time during the breeding season. Then they will start fighting. That’s why it’s better not to keep them together.

Question: How many betta fish can live together?

Ans: Female betta fish can coexist comfortably in the same tank. When they are together, the group is called a ‘sorority’. Usually, 4-6 female Betta fish are best kept together.

Question: What size tank does a betta fish need?

Ans: A betta fish needs at least a 3-gallon tank. If you want to keep 4 female betta fish together, choose a 20-gallon tank.

Question: Do female bettas fight?

Ans: Female betta fish fight with each other. But they are not as aggressive as males. However, you can keep two or more female betta fish together. A tank of sufficient size is required for this.

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