Why Do Betta Fish Fight? 10 Reasons Why They Fight

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Many people ask why Betta fish fight. Betta fish is one of the most attractive fish for those who love to pet fish. This fish cannot tolerate anyone else in their living area. They attack others when anyone enters their territory. In this post, we will discuss why Betta fish fight.

Bettas are called Siamese fighting fish. They are aggressive in nature. For this reason, they have to be kept in separate aquariums. Many people question how we can stop betta fish fighting. As an aquarium pet lover, we need to know and understand our pet fish very well. So that we can properly care for our pets and keep them well.

It is said that betta fish is aggressive by nature. In other words, nature made them aggressive. There are different opinions on why beta fish fight.

In this article, I will discuss everything about betta fish behavior. If you are an aquarium pet lover and want to take proper care of your betta fish. Then definitely read this article till the end.

What Is Betta Fish Fighting?

Bettas often bite the scales, gills, and tails of their opponents. During a fight, bettas extend their fins and flare their gills to make themselves look bigger. This is done to intimidate the opponent. If that doesn’t work they will continue to bite the opponent until the opponent retreats and runs away.

Reasons Why Do Betta Fish Fight

Betta fish are inherently aggressive. There are many reasons for their fight. Territory, food, egg protection, etc. In this article, we will discuss in detail why beta fish are aggressive and fight with other fish.

1. Bettas fish fight because they have a predatory instinct

Predators have an aggressive attitude. Be it human or any other animal. In nature, betta fish hunt freely. They never want to admit subjugation. They prefer to be alone. They attack animals or fish that they find challenging.

When a betta fish is kept in an aquarium they behave much like they do in nature. Even in the aquarium, if they find something challenging, they start attacking them. This primal instinct to not accept subjugation is the main reason betta fish fight.

2. They are not used to sharing their space with other animals

Another natural characteristic of Betta fish is that they are not used to sharing space with other animals. In the wild, betta fish usually want to dominate territory. When a fish or animal enters their territory they become aggressive. First, they try to intimidate their opponents by extending their fins and flaring their gills. If that doesn’t work they start attacking the opponent. They are known to fight to the death to protect their territory. In nature, bettas live in calm waters such as shallow marshes, and rice paddies without currents.

When a betta fish is placed in an aquarium, it wants to dominate. Whenever any other fish is kept with betta fish it starts fighting.

3. Becomes restless and aggressive due to confinement

In nature Betta fish like to swim. Although they swim very slowly. When a betta fish is kept in an aquarium, its swimming area is reduced. As a result, a sense of confinement is created in him. Then the betta fish became restless. Because of this, they become aggressive.

Betta fish need some exercise and stimulation to overcome their restless attitude. If you put some decorative items and toys in the tank of betta fish, they are busy with them. It helps release their pent-up energy.

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4. In crowded tanks, they will always feel threatened and attack other fish

Betts are naturally aggressive and incredibly territorial. They don’t stay in groups. If you keep betta fish in a tank with other fish, bettas become insecure and aggressive. Then they start fighting with other fish. For this reason, a betta fish should be kept in a tank.

5. Not enough space to swim in an aquarium

Betta fish need to swim to stay healthy. If they don’t have enough space to swim, they can become frustrated and aggressive. In nature, bettas travel long distances in search of food and mates. They need a wide swimming area to explore and work their energy.

Aquariums are much smaller than the amount of space betta fish get to live in nature, and if you keep your beta fish in a smaller aquarium, it is very uncomfortable for them. This uncomfortable environment creates stress in them. As a result, the beta fish become aggressive and start fighting with other fish. If other fish are kept with them in the aquarium. A minimum 5-gallon tank is required for a betta fish. Keeping betta fish in a tank smaller than this can cause stress for them.

6. Betta fish become aggressive when injured

Betta fish become stressed when they are sick or injured. Due to this stress, they become aggressive and start fighting with other fish. Betta fish become more aggressive when in pain. Because they don’t want to show weakness. One thing you have to remember about this is that do not put anything in the betta fish tank that could injure your fish.

7. Betta fish fight with other fish to protect their eggs

When a male Betta fish is ready to breed, he builds a bubble nest. They look like bunches of small bubbles. After the female betta fish lays her eggs, the male betta fish places the eggs in the bubble nest with their mouths. The male betta fish stays under the nest and protects the eggs from any potential predators. If any eggs fall, he puts them back inside. In the wild, male betta fish fight to protect their eggs. This fight sometimes leads to their death.

8. To attract female members of their species Betta fish fight

In nature, male betta fish engage in fights to protect females from the attraction of other males. Especially during breeding.

If male and female betta fish are kept in the same tank except during breeding season, they will fight. Male Bettas are more aggressive than others. Females tend to be less aggressive than males. They are docile and can live together in a tank.

9. Betta fish express their stress through a tendency to fight.

When people or animals are stressed, they express their feelings through anger, resentment, and other emotions. This is also the case with betta fish. Overcrowding, changes in temperature, changes in water quality, sudden loud noises in their tank, etc., can stress them and make them more aggressive.

10. They can become aggressive when hungry

Like many other animals, bettas become aggressive when hungry. As predatory fish, they hunt when they are hungry. Betta fish fight with other fish for food in the wild. When they are given too little food in the tank they become restless.

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Signs of betta fish becoming aggressive and fighting

It is not clear whether some fish are aggressive or not. But looking at betta fish can tell what kind of fish they are. They show some signs when they are aggressive.

Flaring their fins the gills

When feeling aggressive, betta fish look more menacing by extending their gills and fins across their bodies. They do this to intimidate the opponent.

Nipping the fins of their opponents

A dangerous attack technique of Betta fish is to try to tear off the fins of their opponents, bite them and harm them. If these bites are bad enough they can cause fin rot and eventually become fatal for the injured fish.

Pushing their bodies

Another common way bettas try to hurt each other is by aggressively pushing their bodies together.

Signs of betta fish becoming aggressive and fighting

Biting the other fish’s fins

This is one of the signs that betta fish has become aggressive. They tend to bite and tear the fins of their opponents. These injuries can easily become infected.

Look aggressively

Betta fish stare aggressively at their opponents. In this state they move around their opponent, keep an eye on their opponent, and look for opportunities to attack.

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How to prevent betta fish from fighting

As pet fish lovers, we all love our pets. We don’t want them to get hurt. That is why we should know why it fights and how we can turn them away from fighting. Now let’s discuss how we can stop betta fish fighting.

keep only one betta fish in a tank:- The main way to stop betta fish fighting is to keep only one fish in a tank. If you have two or more betta fish in the same tank, you should provide them with a divider so they don’t come into contact with each other.

Avoid contact with each other:- If they can’t come in contact with each other then it will be possible to stop fighting between them. In this way, you can stop the betta fish fighting.

Keep the necessary space for swimming:- If betta fish get enough space in the aquarium, Their aggressiveness is gradually reduced. This way they can be prevented from fighting.

Keep the necessary space to hide:– Your aquarium should have plenty of hiding places for bettas. Hiding places help fish feel more secure and reduce their stress levels. This will stop the betta fish fighting.

Arrange separate tanks:- Male and female bettas should not be kept together except during breeding season. During the breeding season, they will stay together and then fight between them. The male betta fish can kill the female betta if they are kept together in the tank. To avoid this accident they have to arrange separate tanks.

Help to Reduce stress:- If the aquarium water is dirty or if the fish do not get enough food or if there is not enough space in the aquarium to move around and swim, the fish can become stressed and aggressive. So try to reduce the stress on the fish. This will stop the betta fish fighting.

Maintain a healthy environment in the aquarium:- Always try to maintain a healthy environment in the aquarium as this will reduce the stress on the fish and prevent them from fighting.

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Final words

Keeping betta fish is not a difficult task. You just have to be careful about your pet. If we know any work then it is easy for us to do that work. Similarly, you need to know something about betta fish. What kind of environment they like to live in, what kind of food they eat etc.

Betta fish are very popular as pets all over the world. Its beautiful colors, attractive fins, and tail attract any human. But one thing to remember about betta fish is that this fish likes to be alone. That’s why any fish expert will advise you to keep only one Betta fish in an aquarium. This is the best way to stop betta fish from fighting.

Question:- Do Males and Females Fight Each Other?

Ans:- Yes, Male and female betta fish will fight each other. They should never be kept together except during mating and separated only afterward.

Question:- Do Bettas Fight Other Fish?

Ans:– Most beta fish are very aggressive and will attack any species of fish in their tank.

Question:- Do Female Bettas Fight Each Other?

Ans:- Females are generally less aggressive than males. But they can still be very territorial and will fight each other. They can mate peacefully in groups of female betta fish. Females are usually aggressive with other females for some time.

Question:- How Long Do Betta Fish Fight?

Ans:- If two betta fish start fighting in nature, they will fight until one of them scares the other and one of them retreats. In most cases, this fight may last a few minutes or end immediately. If you put two betta fish together in an aquarium, they will fight until one of them dies. Because the fish cannot escape from the tank.

Question:- When do Bettas fight with other fish?

Ans:- In nature, Betta fish want to establish their dominance in an area. Bettas become aggressive and fight when another fish or animal enters their territory. Betta fish fight for dominance even when kept in an aquarium.

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